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Barcelona Princess Reviews

Barcelona Princess Reviews

Barcelona Princess is a 5-star property in the Forum Area of the city, just next to the beach. The city centre is only 20 minutes from the hotel by bus, metro, or tram, all of which are easily accessed from the hotel.
The hotel offers stunning Mediterranean Sea views, especially given its location so close to the beach.


Additional highlights of the hotel are as follows:


As pointed out above, the hotel is practically next door to the beach. From the airport, it should take about 45 minutes to get here.
All travel options like the metro, trams, or buses are easily available near the hotel. Using any of these, you can get to pretty much any part of Barcelona quite easily.
The CCIB or Convention Centre of Barcelona is just across from the hotel; the hotel is perfect for those here for conventions at CCIB.
Also, a shopping mall next to the hotel is ideal for most shopping needs, especially day to day requirements.
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There is very good buffet breakfast on offer at the hotel which comes with a wide spread of choices. This includes gluten-free options as well.
Tip – While booking your stay at Barcelona Princess, it is recommended you opt for the “with breakfast” option, since you will have to pay separately for it if you don’t – the breakfast here is definitely worth it!


A major attraction at this hotel is the fact that it has two attractive pools. Both are heated; one on the third floor while the other is on the 23rd floor.
While neither of them is very big in size, they do offer nice views, especially the one on the 23rd floor.
Tip – Both pools tend to get busy rather quickly. So it is recommended that you occupy your sunbed as soon as possible especially if you have sunbathing on your mind!


Rooms here are spacious and offer both City and Sea views. Windows in the rooms are huge, practically floor to ceiling.
You will find all basic amenities inside the rooms here. Further, in case you need anything particular which is not in the room, you can always request room service for it, which is typically quite happy to oblige.


The beds in the rooms here are quite large and comfortable. Those with a City view might be dazzled by Barcelona’s nightlife; for that, there are blackout curtains conveniently provided in all rooms which keep light out to ensure peaceful sleep.


Besides buffet breakfast which is anyway quite nice as confirmed above, other meals as lunch and dinner also offer many varieties. Additionally, there is also the option of ordering directly to your room; room service is quite prompt and offers a reasonably wide selection.
Besides eating at the hotel, the mall next door is especially recommended, particularly since it has a food court with a wide variety of food options.


Barcelona Princess does tick all the right boxes for a pleasant stay while in Barcelona. On the value for money front too, the hotel does score quite well, given all that you get for the price you pay.