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Expo Hotel Barcelona Reviews

Expo Hotel Barcelona Reviews

Expo Hotel Barcelona ticks all the right boxes when it comes to a pleasant, memorable stay in Spain’s “Comital City”.
Factors that affirm this assertion include the convenient location of the hotel – from where just about every attraction in Barcelona is equally accessed; as well as the overall value for money offered by the property.

Starting Price $81

Specific aspects that serve as highlights of Expo Hotel Barcelona include the following:


As mentioned, the hotel definitely enjoys an excellent location, with Sants Train Station, the primary transport intersection of Barcelona, being situated right next to the hotel. From here, of course, it is very easy to get to practically anywhere, whether to the beach or to the city centre.
Barcelona airport is also easily accessed from Sants station, a ride of just 3 stops.


There is a sumptuous, hearty buffet breakfast on offer at the hotel. From fresh fruits to cereals, cakes, muffins, and much more, you will be completely spoilt for choice here.
Service by the staff during buffet breakfast is top notch, notwithstanding the extent to which things can get busy at this time.
Tip – Make sure the booking for your stay at Expo Hotel Barcelona includes breakfast. Otherwise, it will cost you 16 Euros per person which is definitely on the higher side, irrespective of its fabulous quality.
Just in case you missed including breakfast in your booking and do find the cost to be fairly high, adjacent to the hotel a restaurant called Solric is recommended, especially for its brilliant English breakfast.


There is a relatively small pool on the terrace, next to the rooftop bar. In spite of its small size, the pool does manage to do its job alright. Yes, when things get rather busy, it is advisable to skip trying to use the pool altogether. Late afternoon is when the pool is usually not too busy.


Room size at Expo Hotel Barcelona is never a concern since they are all nice and spacious. Rooms are also fairly well loaded with the right kind of accessories and amenities one expects in hotels like this.

The bathrooms inside these rooms are also spacious in themselves; one does not feel cramped in them at all.
Overall, in spite of having as many as 423 rooms on the property, basic standards have been kept admirably well, with all rooms having an exterior façade with great views that can be enjoyed leisurely from their balconies.


The beds in the rooms have been done up well. The linen is of high quality while the pillows are nice and fluffy.
Bed choices include smaller single beds as well as larger Queen and King Bed size options.
Yes, the fact that many of the beds are on wheels can be annoying since they end up moving rather too easily!


Besides the rooftop bar, there is a nice restaurant on the third floor with lots of food options. Again, prices are marginally on the higher side but in relative terms; the high quality and large portion sizes may very well make up for the higher cost!

Overall Assessment

Overall, given its convenient location and easy connectivity options, coupled with room quality as well as the reasonable price that one pays for them, Expo Hotel Barcelona does score highly when taking all these factors into consideration.
No wonder then that its popularity continues to soar!