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Zoku Hotel Amsterdam Reviews

Zoku Hotel Amsterdam Reviews

Zoku Amsterdam is clearly in an altogether different – and very unique league of its own since it does not fit into the typical realm of a hotel.

Instead, Zoku Amsterdam can be looked at as an apartment hotel, which offers the best of a homely, casual atmosphere and a more professional business one, all in one single charming avatar.

A number of aspects stand out (for the better!) in case of Zoku Amsterdam. Prominent ones are indicated below:


Very centrally located – rather literally, given the fact that Centraal Station is a mere 10 minutes ride (just 3 stops) away. Moreover, a lot of Amsterdam’s attractions such as Hermitage Amsterdam, Portuguese Synagogue, the Joods Historisch Museum, as well as ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo are all within walking distance from Zoku Amsterdam.
From Schiphol Amsterdam airport, the ride to the hotel won’t take more than 25 minutes.
Tip – Taxi Electric is a great choice of transport between the airport and the hotel, since Zoku Amsterdam has a tie-up for discounts on the first booking. There is also a night bus to the airport easily available within walking distance from the property.


The breakfast at Zoku Amsterdam is wholesome and nutritious with healthy eating at its core. After all, the in house restaurant where breakfast is served is called Living Kitchen! Additionally, being a buffet breakfast, there are ample selections to choose from.
With so much to see and do in Amsterdam, the breakfast here will surely energise you well for the day!


Rooftop Lounge/Bar

The top floor at Zoku Amsterdam triples up as a rooftop lounge, bar and workspace, all rolled into one!
Here, the communal space culture is clearly central and perhaps most apparent in this portion of the hotel.
Digital nomads would particularly enjoy this area since it gives them the leeway to work on their laptops with easy and superfast Internet connectivity, along with an ambiance which is so reminiscent of coworking spaces.


The bigger rooms here are referred to as ‘lofts’, living up to their name in terms of the space that they offer, with kitchen facilities in tow. There are additional smaller rooms called ‘bootstraps’ on the property as well.
Contemporary and well-designed, rooms at Zoku Amsterdam especially stand out for their spotlessly clean upkeep.


Beds are large and extremely comfortable. There is also an element of intuitive design to the beds at Zoku Amsterdam such that one can tuck them away if required.
Bear in mind though; beds in the lofts require climbing up stairs with some caution and agility, which may not be easy for older folks.


Food at Zoku Amsterdam is nutritious, healthy and still fairly affordable. As mentioned in the breakfast section above, the focus on healthy eating is omnipresent at the property, especially given its ‘Living Kitchen’ in house restaurant.
Further, the rooftop lounge/bar offers ample drinks, snacks and accompaniment choices.
For variety, especially during longer stays, you would also enjoy venturing out for food since there are many options offering a variety of cuisines in the vicinity, many within walking distance.