Best Underwater & Above Water hotels in Fiji

Many people are used to going for vacations in various classic hotels across the globe just to cast some fatigue and stress to the air. But have you ever heard of underwater hotels? Can you imagine the view of exotic fish through the glass in your bedroom or when taking your cocktail? It must be awesome, right? Well, imagine no more because you can make it a reality for such hotels do exist in Fiji and perhaps you should make them one of your holiday destinations in the next vacation. Here are some of the most stunning underwater hotels in Fiji:

Poseidon Undersea Resort

If you have watched the Poseidon movie you will probably get scared and ask yourself is this hotel going to drown like the ship in the film? Definitely, no; indeed you will forget all when you arrive at this outstanding hotel. This five-star resort is found in Katafinga Island and it features 22 guest inns, a restaurant, a bar, a conference room, a spa, a library, and a wedding chapel among others. It is 90ft deep in the water occupying 225 acres in a mile area. T

If you are a fan of aquatic life, then you just got the place to hold your wedding. Fiji is popular for tropical marine hence don’t be surprised to view all kinds of exotic fish, dolphins, clownfish, and the greatest of all, blue whales right on your bed or when taking your dinner. You will also enjoy dive shop, theater, a golfing, splash pools, and a retail boutique. Visit their website for reservations and more information.

Royal Davui Island Resort

Although this heaven on earth is not underwater, you will enjoy the cool breeze because of its location in the middle of the sea. As the name suggests, it is located in Royal Davui Island with 16 rooms in it. You don’t have to break a bank to spend here; you need $899 – $1,352 to enjoy your stay.

You will be welcomed by the friendly staff in this resort that will make you feel at home. You will enjoy the pools; great room service, high-speed free WiFi, a spa, a restaurant, lounge, great meals, and airport transportation close by. The rooms in this hotel are air-conditioned; they got minibar, suites, and a refrigerator in your room. Visit their website to get more information and any booking update.

Toberua Island Resort

If you are out for fun, some sunshine, some breeze, and relaxation, then this is the place to go. Toberua Island Resort boasts of striking a balance between the ocean life and the contemporary lifestyle. Besides, numerous activities in this hotel like fine dining, spa, dances, fishing, golfing, sailing, scuba diving, lazing under the palm trees beside crystal clear tropical pools.

Whether you want to relax or get yourself busy in the beach, you can always enjoy every single thing in this resort. You will need SGD 255 to around SGD 504 to get the joy you need in this Hotel. The rooms are air-conditioned, have refrigerators, got laundry services, a spa, family and kid-friendly activities, pool, fitness center among others. And hey, it is only 10 minutes’ drive from Nausori Airport. Visit their website to book and get more information.

Paradise Taveuni Resort

Located at the southern part of Taveuni, Paradise Taveuni Resort is only 17 minutes from Matei Airport and 28 minutes from Koro Airport. It boasts of having very spacious, attractive and clean accommodations with an on-site dive shop. The rooms are air-conditioned, suitable for families, and have refrigerators in them.

You will definitely love the family and kid activities, awesome pool, free parking, free internet, a lounge, restaurant, shuttle bus services, and great room accessibility and services. You only need SGD 417 to SGD 668 to enjoy the place. Their meal is a notch high, where they accommodate your request if you don’t like the vegetarian menu they provide. You can dive and swim into the warm tropical waters around this hotel. Visit their website to know more about this hotel.


Whether you want a place to do your honeymoon, wedding or just to relax, the about four hotels in Fiji can do you a great favor. Although not all of them are underwater, they are all in water and you can always feel the breeze, do the swimming, and enjoy the view of aquatic life. Be the first to experience the wonders in these in and underwater hotels.