5 Best Underwater Hotels Zanzibar

Manta Resort lies on the remote northwestern tip of Pemba Island, on an astounding white shoreline neglecting the perfectly clear waters of the Pemba Channel.

Sentimental and extremely unwinding, Manta Resort has extraordinary compared to other swimming shorelines in the entire Zanzibar Archipelago, and the plunging is world class.



Manta Resort  in Zanzibar  offers 17 upscale and agreeable rooms in different value classifications:

Ocean Front Villas

The 6 recently assembled ocean front estates are all cooled, extensive and private, with a jumbo informal lodging en-suite washroom. An isolated sun porch faces an astounding sea dusk.

Unrivaled Garden Rooms

The 4 Superior Garden Rooms have perspectives of the ocean between the foliage. One sets of rooms has an interconnecting entryway which settles on it a phenomenal decision for families or bigger gatherings. The Superior Garden Rooms are all cooled with an extra large the notice quaint little inn makuti cover secured patio.

Garden Rooms Zanzibar

The 7 recently fabricated garden rooms are open arrangement makuti covered rooms arranged in the greenhouses. They all element extra large beds secured by mosquito nets, en-suite open arrangement washroom, and an agreeable verandah to unwind on. These rooms are not cooled.

The Underwater Room

Envision yourself exemplified inside a turquoise blue air pocket, watching shores of reef angle swimming languidly by – now and again in three or four layers of various species over the reef floor. This is the heart-halting knowledge that anticipates you in the submerged room!

The skimming structure, Swedish built, gives three levels – those over the water clad in neighborhood hardwood, and each an involvement in itself.

The arrival deck, adrift level, has a parlor zone and restroom office. A step paves the way to the rooftop which has a relaxing territory – for sun venerating by day – and by night you can lie back in the starlight and stand amazed at the unprecedented lucidity of the stars and planets – all observed with no light contamination. Rest under the stars to the delicate mumbling of the ocean.

At that point there’s the submerged room – and the otherworldly sentiment of lying on a delicate twofold bed encompassed by sheets of glass managing right around 360 degrees seeing – watching the shores of reef angle and lovely, regularly once in a while observed people visiting your windows. Some have taken up living arrangement around the room, which bears them some security from predation. For example, three bat angle and a trumpet angle called Nick who is continually swimming near and apparently looking in!

By night, the submerged spotlights underneath every window around the room draw in the shyer and more surprising, for example squid. Octopus and even spanish artists have been seen connecting themselves to the glass sheets, and the reef occupants essentially can’t avoid the fascination, which makes for energizing viewing and a really exceptional ordeal!

The Underwater Room is situated in the Blue Hole – an abnormality in the coral reef plainly unmistakable from The Manta Resort porch. Around 250 meters seaward it tumbles to 12 meters deep at high tide and is about 50 meters wide in width. A roundabout opening possessed by various huge coral heads and inexhaustible marine life. A flawlessly secured spot for your skimming submerged room.

Eatery and Beach Bar

The Manta Resort group will treat you to a mouth-watering assortment of crisp privately got fish and additionally an assortment of hamburger, chicken and vegetable dishes, some of which have an unmistakable Pemba contact to them. Most dinners are served on the primary verandah disregarding the sea, yet the pool deck and shoreline are additionally used for a difference in landscape at whatever point conceivable.

The very much loaded bar serves drinks throughout the day on the shoreline and all through the resort. What’s more, you can test a flavorful natural product platter and snacks at whatever point you feel peckish!

See the tide travel every which way while tasting without end at a “Lemongrass Ginger Sling”, with your feet covered in the warm sand, and a delicate breeze cooling your skin. The sound of the breaking waves and an amazing dusk over the Pemba Channel makes this a standout amongst the most chilled puts on the planet!

Manta Resort’s barkeeps have some expertise in an assortment of sun downers and mixed drinks and will ruin you with natural product beverages and mixed drinks from the freshest handpicked island mango, lime, lemon, pineapple, and coconuts mixed with a pinch of rum to make particularly smooth and invigorating beverages.


The jumping around Pemba Island is completely stunning. The immaculate coral reefs encompassing the whole island make Pemba one of the best plunge destinations on the planet. Pemba is the ideal place to begin your jumping experience with one of the most beneficial coral reefs in the Indian Ocean, a water temperature averaging at 26ºC and the best under water hotel in Zanzibar  of East Africa of 30-40 meters relatively consistently!

Not with standing the phenomenal common water conditions, Manta Resort’s Dive Center has all that you require, including an extraordinary preparing pool in two levels, proficient jump educators, and advisers for assist you with all your plunging needs!


The swimming around Pemba is fabulous. The best locales are found at the passageway of the little islands of western Pemba –, for example, Njao and Fundo. The coral is phenomenal and the fish life flourishes.

You can likewise swim appropriate off the resort in the house “Tidal pond” at low tide.


Investigate the remote and entrancing island of Zanzibar with the different visits and outings Manta Resort offers. Masterminded at the depend on suit your own advantages, they go from strolls to neighborhood villagers, to guided visits through the old Ngezi Forest and hunting down the endemic Pemba Flying Fox.

Spa Facilities

Take in. Inhale out. Grasp another pace. Desert your ordinary stresses you and spotlight on You for a change!

Unwind and revive your batteries. The prepared advisors will welcome you to the under water hotel in Zanzibar for an every day treatment of your decision.

One free spa treatment for each day is incorporated while remaining at Manta Resort.


Since Manta Resort is far from pretty much everything, they’ve chosen that everything at the resort ought to be incorporated into your remain, even your clothing!

Rather than buffets, they serve your dinners actually to you at your table on the verandah.

There is free WIFI in the fundamental parlor and feasting zone, and in addition a free day by day spa treatment per individual at the Kipepeo under water hotel.

No bill when you leave – aside from scuba plunging and any trips you wish to set out on. The comprehensive is extremely comprehensive!